Awareness Committee

The Awareness Advisory Committee, previously known as the Minnesota Network Advertising Program, or MNAP, has rebranded itself with a new name and renewed focus. This change results from a move to more consumer awareness and research projects, rather than the committee's original focus on traditional advertising.


The Awareness Advisory Committee remains a voluntarily-funded program for Minnesota credit unions, with a focus on consumer awareness and media outreach. The committee's work benefits credit unions statewide by promoting the benefits and value of credit unions through various initiatives and by spreading the word that credit unions are consumers' best financial choice. The committee has made strides in recent years to dedicate funds to initiatives that are consistent with MnCUN's strategic plan, aligning with its strategy to increase marketplace awareness of credit unions.

Each December, a solicitation is sent to all Minnesota credit unions in conjunction with the annual MnCUN membership dues. The dues statements contain a suggested contribution to the Credit Union Awareness Fund, which supports the committee's initiatives. This suggested contribution is calculated by $0.04 per $1,000 in assets ($15,000 maximum and $500 minimum contribution).

A member of the MnCUN Board of Directors sits on the committee, and during quarterly Board meetings a report is given on the Awareness Advisory Committee's activities. The committee is comprised of credit union professionals from around Minnesota, representing various regions. 


"Bankziety" Consumer Awareness Campaign


Bankziety is a statewide consumer awareness campaign that utilized funds, support and recommendations from the MNAP Committee. Through a Bankziety website, the Minnesota Credit Unions Facebook page, and other online delivery channels, the Bankziety campaign positions credit unions as the cure for consumers who are experiencing feelings of financial frustration. The Bankziety campaign was first introduced in April of 2012, and unveiled a fresh look in May 2013.


Visit Bankziety directly at



Consumer Research & Key Messaging 


In January 2013, the MnCUN worked with Fluence Media to conduct a reputation-based public opinion poll to better understand Minnesota consumers’ perceptions of financial institutions. The poll asked 500 Minnesotans a series of question to gauge their attitudes about and knowledge of credit unions. Research findings and key messages were compiled and presented to credit unions through MnCUN’s Consumer Research & Recommendations Report which encourages credit unions to use key messages from the research data to help grow market share.


This research was an extension of previous consumer research MnCUN conducted in 2010, which served as a benchmark. Both sets of research were funded by Minnesota credit unions' voluntarily contributions to the Credit Union Awareness Fund.


Gen Y Research & Recommendations


In 2012, MnCUN and this committee worked with the Filene Research Institute to provide credit unions with resources on how to attract younger members. The project developed a customized, Minnesota-specific research report that presents case studies and recommendations on how to appeal and market to young adults.  

WIth the research funded by the committee, it offers recommendations of practical actions that Minnesota credit unions can take to more effectively reach 18-34-year-olds. A handful of credit union professional served on an adisory committee for the report, providing their insight into what components it should include.


The research results were provided to credit unions in a variety of formats, including a video summary, research paper, presentation, and a four-part webinar series. All deliverables are available for download on the Gen Y Research section of the website.

With questions about the committee, its overall strategy, and how to contribute, please contact Awareness Advisory Committee Chair Marty Kelly or Andrea Molnau at the Network office.

Committee Members


Kelly McDonough, Chair
First Alliance CU

Mark Cummins
MN Credit Union Network

Marty Kelly
Firefly CU

Kate Lee
Affinity Plus FCU

Barb Brown
Northwoods CU

*Andrea Molnau
Network Staff

*Mai Yang
Network Staff


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