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Why a Career in Credit Unions?

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that strive to provide a financial alternative to their members. They exist to provide a safe, convenient place for members to save money and offer fewer fees, better service and lower rates on loans. As an employee, you would have the opportunity on a daily basis to exercise the credit union philosophy of "people helping people.”

The Minnesota Credit Union Network maintains a file of positions available. If you would like to post a position on our website, please contact MnCUN Administrative Assistant Sasha Prawdiuk. For the basics on posting an open position, click here. NOTE: Postings will be edited for consistency and generally posted within two to three days.

Résumé Summaries

  • Credit unions: To view summaries from job seekers, go to the Résumé Summaries page. Updated!
  • Job seekers: For information on how to post your résumé on MnCUN's website, go to the Posting a Résumé page. To list a résumé on our site, please contact MnCUN Administrative Assistant Sasha Prawdiuk.

Open positions:

 MnIPC Open Position: 

(9-14-2015) Vice President - Minnesota Item Processing Corporation

 Credit Union-Related Open Positions: 

(10-9-2015) Mortgage Loan Originator - First Alliance Credit Union

(10-8-2015) Loan Servicing Manager - TopLine Federal Credit Union

(10-8-2015) Contact Center Representative - Hiway Federal Credit Union

(10-8-2015) Card Services Specialist - Hiway Federal Credit Union

(10-8-2015) Member Connection Representative - Mill City Credit Union 

(10-6-2015) Financial Analyst - Hiway Federal Credit Union

(10-6-2015) Teller - St. Cloud Federal Credit Union

(10-1-2015) CEO/President - Diversified Credit Union 

(10-1-2015) Teller - Associated Healthcare Credit Union

(10-1-2015) Loan Officer - Associated Healthcare Credit Union 

(10-1-2015) Member Service Representative/Backup Operations - North Memorial Federal Credit Union

(9-29-2015) Manager of Brand & Product Marketing - Wings Financial Credit Union

(9-29-2015) Commercial Services Administrator - City & County Credit Union

(9-29-2015) Teller - US Federal Credit Union

(9-29-2015) Mortgage Loan Officer - US Federal Credit Union

(9-29-2015) Teller - US Federal Credit Union

(9-29-2015) Card Services Manager - US Federal Credit Union

(9-29-2015) Business Intelligence Analyst - US Federal Credit Union

(9-28-2015) Consumer Lender - TopLine Federal Credit Union

(9-28-2015) Telecommunications Network Manager (VoIP) - Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

(9-28-2015) Contact Center Manager - Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

(9-28-2015) Member Advisor - Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

(9-28-2015) Branch Manager - Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

(9-25-2015) Member Account Representative - Royal Credit Union

(9-25-2015) Member Account Representative - Royal Credit Union

(9-25-2015) Teller - TopLine Federal Credit Union

(9-18-2015) Organizational Alignment and Development Manager - Royal Credit Union  

(9-18-2015) Commercial Lender - TopLine Federal Credit Union

(9-18-2015) Lead Teller - SharePoint Credit Union 

(9-18-2015) Business Relationship Manager - SharePoint Credit Union

(9-18-2015) Member Service Representative - SharePoint Credit Union

(9-18-2015) Financial Services Representative - SharePoint Credit Union

(9-18-2015) Accounting Manager - SharePoint Credit Union 

(9-16-2015) Call Center Representative - Richfield Bloomington Credit Union

(9-14-2015) Financial Services Associate - SMW Federal Credit Union

(9-4-2015) ACH Specialist/Teller - Employees First Credit Union

(9-4-2015) Financial Representative - Employees First Credit Union

(9-4-2015) CEO/President - Collegeville Community Credit Union

(9-4-2015) Call Center Representative - US Federal Credit Union

(9-4-2015) Commercial Lender/Business Banker - US Federal Credit Union

(9-4-2015) Float Member Advisor - US Federal Credit Union

(9-4-2015) Member Relationship Advisor - US Federal Credit Union

(9-4-2015) Member Relationship Advisor - US Federal Credit Union

(9-4-2015) Member Relationship Advisor - US Federal Credit Union

(9-4-2015) Teller - US Federal Credit Union

(9-4-2015) Teller - US Federal Credit Union

(9-4-2015) Teller - US Federal Credit Union 

(9-1-2015) Branch Manager - Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

(8-17-2015) Mortgage Originator - Ashland Credit Union

(8-17-2015) Business Development Analyst - Ashland Credit Union

(8-13-2015) Investment Advisor Representative - TopLine Federal Credit Union

(8-11-2015) Mortgage Loan Officer - City & County Credit Union