Bullseye Collection Agency



Bullseye Collection Agency specializes in collections for consumer and commercial loans, HELOC, Visa, and share accounts on a contingency basis. The Call Center, a sister company, offers an excellent opportunity to outsource delinquency management activities to a team of highly trained specialists for a flat fee. Our skilled staff asks the right questions to help resolve delinquency concerns. All member payments are sent directly to the credit union.

As experts in delinquency resolution and credit union operations, we are ready to start managing your delinquencies from day one. Whether your credit union's needs are temporary, part-time, full-time or you need an expert to manage the entire collections department, Bullseye Collection Agency and The Call Center will exceed your credit union's requirements and expectations.

Contact: John Twardy
Phone: (763) 314-0550
www.bullseyecollectionagency.com or www.theCUCallCenter.com

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St. Paul, MN 55102

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