Posting a Position

Posting a job on MnCUN’s website is simple and an effective way to find qualified candidates for your open position. Please read through a few job postings on the employment opportunities page to get an idea of the format used for the job postings. Summarize your job opening and send an email to MnCUN Administrative Assistant Sasha PrawdiukNOTE: Postings will be edited for consistency and generally posted within two to three days.


Information in the posting should include:


  • full- or part-time position
  • location
  • summary of job duties
  • summary of qualifications

Also, be sure to include what type of information you want to receive from applicants:


  • résumé
  • salary requirements
  • salary history

Don’t forget contact information:


  • credit union address
  • contact person
  • fax
  • e-mail address


Please help us keep the website current. Once the position has been filled, send a "remove posting” email to MnCUN Administrative Assistant Sasha Prawdiuk*Unless otherwise notified the posting will be removed 90 days from original posting date.


Posting a Résumé

Posting your résumé on the Minnesota Credit Union Network website is simple and confidential. Email a PDF of your résumé and a general cover letter to MnCUN Administrative Assistant Sasha Prawdiuk and you will be assigned a number. Based on your information, a résumé summary will be written and posted on our website. Interested credit unions will call the Network to receive a copy of the full résumé.


Résumé posters are also encouraged to check the Network website weekly to monitor new openings and to apply directly with the credit union. Please help us keep the website current. When you are no longer in the job market, send a "remove résumé posting” email to MnCUN Administrative Assistant Sasha Prawdiuk.


*Please send Résumés and cover letter in PDF format.

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