Project Zip Code

Project Zip Code

Project Zip Code (PZC) is a computer program that converts your credit union's database into a valuable political tool. PZC counts each of your members and calculates how many live in each state legislative and congressional district. This information greatly increases the political strength of your credit union by allowing you to show your legislators how a particular issue will impact a specific number of voters in their district.

This program does not remove any information from your system and does not expose your members' private data. The only information gathered by the program is the total number of members in each legislative district. The program is safe and can provide your credit union with valuable information when lobbying legislators.

CUNA Project Zip Code webinar archive

CUNA has put together a PZC webinar that introduces the program and outlines how it helps credit union marketing efforts and the movement's advocacy activities. Specifically, the session helps users learn the basics of the program, demonstrates how to run PZC and highlights marketing tools available through the tool. To order the webinar, visit the Credit Union National Association website. 

Download Project Zip Code

Credit unions can now download the most recent version of the Project Zip Code software. Along with the software, the website also contains answers to frequently-asked questions. Below you'll also find a link to the 2013 user manual and privacy statement.

All credit unions should regularly run this program in order to help ensure that elected officials are aware of the number of credit union members in their district. For more information or assistance, please contact MnCUN Political Advocacy Director Ryan Smith by email or at (651) 288-5533.



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