About WINcentive® Savings

WINcentive Savings accounts offer the thrill of winning cash prizes with no risk of losing savings. With real rewards, rules, suspense and possibility, even if you don’t win a drawing, you still win by having more money than you started with!

Despite improvements in the economy, Americans still lack savings. According to a June 2015 survey by bankrate.com, nearly 78% of people do not have savings enough to cover six months’ worth of living expenses in the event of a job loss, while more than 29% have no savings at all. Additionally, 36% of Americans have not saved a penny towards their retirement. These percentages have increased since 2013, despite improvements in employment and wages.  

Since 2009, credit unions in the U.S. offering prize-linked savings accounts have helped over 50,000 members save 94 million dollars. Credit union began offering WINcentive Savings account in January of 2016.

2018 Statistics Year-to-Date

Amount saved:


Number of accounts:

Amount awarded:  $64,000
 Number of prizes: 509


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