August 29 - August 31, 2016
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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning programs are simulations and exercises that mirror a taste of real life by involving a direct encounter with life situations rather than reading or thinking about such events. Examples include programs such as Reality Fairs, Retirement Fairs, and Life Simulations, designed to provide needed financial information, but more importantly, to be a catalyst for behavior change. The Minnesota Credit Union Foundation offers simulations for adults and youth.

Life Simulation: Experiencing Poverty for Professionals

The Life Simulation is designed to help sensitize participants to the financial needs of low-wage working families. During the three-hour Life Simulation participants are grouped into “families” struggling to make ends meet in a simulated month of four fifteen-minute weeks. Each participant plays a unique role within the family. Participants visit a variety of booths, including a school, employer, pawn shop and payday lender. Through the exercise, they encounter events and financial crises faced by many low-income Americans. After the exercise, participants have an opportunity to share their thoughts and emotions in a powerful debriefing session.


Number of Participants: 40-90

Number of Volunteers: 17

Simulation Length: 3 hours

Mad City Money: Real Life Money Skills for Students

Offered as a two-hour hands-on simulation or a classroom workshop, Mad City Money gives youth a taste of the real world - complete with occupation, salary, spouse, student loan debt, credit card debt, and medical insurance payments. They make mistakes - and suffer the consequences of their decisions - in a realistic, but safe, environment. Once the shock wears off, they reevaluate choices and manage their money effectively. Mad City Money is designed for students 15 to 18 years of age.


Number of Participants: 24-30

Number of Volunteers: 10

Simulation Length: 2.5 hours

In addition to these programs offered through the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation, several credit unions across the state offer experimental learning for youth and adults.


The Life Simulation is a program of the National Credit Union Foundation. Mad City Money is a product of the Credit Union National Association. The Minnesota Credit Union Foundation has purchased these kits to provide experiential learning to credit unions, students and community partners across Minnesota.

With questions about Minnesota Credit Union Foundation Experiential Learning initiatives, contact Laura Whittet by email or by phone at 651-288-5503.
August 29 - August 31, 2016
Hilton Bonnet Creek | Orlando, FL