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Hiway offers Federal Government Shutdown Assistance

Friday, January 4, 2019  
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Hiway Federal Credit Union - SAINT PAUL, Minn., (Jan. 3. 2019) - With the recent federal government shutdown looking to extend into the New Year, Hiway Federal Credit Union® (Hiway) has committed to offer financial assistance to federal employees who may find themselves facing a short‐term cash flow challenge.

“Credit unions live by the model of ‘people helping people.’ At Hiway, our mission is to be with our members on the road of life, and that includes any bumps along that road,” said Dave Boden, President/CEO.

“The shutdown may put people in a difficult financial situation, and we’re committed to helping.”

Federal employees affected by the shutdown may be able to utilize one or more of the following solutions:
-Skip‐a‐payment on your Hiway loan(s)
-Multiple loan options, including potential consolidation and/or refinance on loans from Hiway and other institutions
-Free financial review
-Credit counseling services via LSS
-Low fixed rate loan to help you cover current obligations, including mortgage payments

Contact Hiway at 800.899.5626 to learn more or visit for more information.

“As always, we are here to help in times of need,” said Boden.


Hiway Federal Credit Union was founded in 1931 to serve the employees of the Minnesota Highway Department. Today, Hiway serves over 74,000 members in Minnesota and around the country, registers $1.1 billion in assets and welcomes new membership from individuals and small businesses. Hiway offers its members unparalleled member service and a lifetime of savings through lower loan rates, higher savings rates and fewer and lower fees.

 For more information about Hiway, visit 


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