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Crow Wing Energized Challenging Businesses to “ReThink Your Drink”

Tuesday, January 21, 2020  
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Lakeland PBS (Jan. 13, 2020) - Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union in Baxter has joined with Crow Wing Energized for the second annual “ReThink Your Drink” challenge. Participants make the pledge to trade in their go-to sugary drinks for water.

“The ‘ReThink Your Drink’ challenge is a water consumption challenge, but at the heart of it what we’re really trying to get people to do is rethink what their drinking everyday. We’re just trying to make sure that people are substituting the sugar-sweetened beverages with water. We know that the CDC has said that people can eliminate about 650 calories out of their day by just drinking water instead of sugary-sweetened beverages,” said Crow Wing Energized Community Health and Wellness Specialist Kalsey Stults.

“I really think that this is the first step in being a much larger community-wide wellness initiative. Shane from the YMCA has said that he can envision this being a year-round competition where maybe we’re doing a steps challenge or a walking challenge of some sort as the next step, and there are others that are willing to stand up and do more, as well as organizing, so I think this is the first step of something that can be much larger,” said Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union Chief Administrative Officer Daryl Doucette.

The first week of results came today with Consolidated Telecommunications Company (CTC) in the lead with 653 ounces completed. For bragging rights, Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union is giving this year’s winner a trophy and gift cards.

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