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Altra Federal Credit Union Provides Digital Learning Experience for Financial Education

Tuesday, April 14, 2020  
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Altra Federal Credit Union - ONALASKA, Wis. (April 14, 2020) - When parents become the teachers, Altra is here to help! Altra Federal Credit Union provides several digital learning platforms for students of all ages on fun financial concepts.   

Altra partners with several organizations to provide free education on simple money concepts and managing money.    

Banzai is a national financial literacy program, available online. It immerses kids ages 8+ and teens in a game-like atmosphere to teach how to save, manage, and spend money wisely. Parents are able to create opportunities for meaningful conversations that instill healthy attitudes towards finances at any age.   

Banzai also offers an online curriculum for teachers to provide their students. Through the Altra Foundation, the Banzai curriculum has been made available for free to middle and high school classrooms in the communities they serve.  Teachers that utilize the program are able to monitor students’ progress through each of the modules.   

“The Banzai program is great because it isn’t just for kids; there are three different platforms for all ages,” says Danielle Anderson, Altra’s Youth Services Manager. “There is also a platform for adults called Banzai Coach that asks questions about your situation and goals to offer a completely personalized plan.”   

Middle and High School Teachers interested in using the Banzai program can visit or by calling 888-8-BANZAI.

Another program that Altra offers for free is Altra Jr., an educational mobile app for children ages 2-12. Altra Jr. helps teach good saving and spending habits, encourages giving to others, and provides math skills practice.

“Altra Jr. is a great way for young children to be introduced to simple money concepts through games and short video lessons,” says Anderson.  

Altra Jr. is available from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store.   

Other educational resources are available, such as videos, on Altra’s website under the Digital Learning section. You can also check out their YouTube channel. 

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