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Firefly Credit Union Illuminates Youth Savings

Monday, October 17, 2016  
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Firefly Credit Union - BURNSVILLE, Minn. (October 17, 2016) - Firefly Credit Union celebrated Youth Month throughout September by hosting two youth financial education seminars, offering youth account opening bonuses and a prize giveaway to youth who made transactions throughout the month.

Firefly offered $25 to those who opened youth checking accounts and $10 to those who opened youth savings accounts. In September, 315 new youth accounts were opened with more than $382,000 made in deposits to youth accounts. 

As part of youth month, Firefly held two financial education seminars, Personal Finance 101 for Children and Financial Milestones for Teens. Youth learned about the importance of budgeting. They also brainstormed things that they should begin saving for at a young age including higher education, a home, and even retirement.

“At Firefly, we encourage furthering your financial literacy at any age,” said Bill Raker, Firefly Credit Union President/CEO. “Our team is dedicated to providing our members and those in the community with resources for financial education as well as products to help build financial management skills at every stage of life.”

For more information on Firefly’s youth accounts and resources for teaching youth about finances, visit

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