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Catch fireflies, save money

Thursday, June 29, 2017  
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CCX Media (June 28, 2017) - Stop by any Firefly Credit Union and pick up a firefly net, a jar, and some tips on how to catch fireflies and save money. The idea is to encourage parents to talk to their kids about money at early ages.



"We’re always trying creative ways to teach kids about money, so this is our most creative way yet,

says Geoff Bullock, a financial educator with Firefly Credit Union. He says several people have stopped by to pick up firefly catching kits that come with financial advice too. "You can see that there’s a jar so you can collect coins by day and catch fireflies by night."


Young savers can bring in their jar full of money and get a $10 reward for starting a savings account.


Parent Xiong Lee works in the branch and brought her 11-year-old son Marshall to talk about his entrepreneurship and money saving.


"Even with me being in this industry 15-plus years, it’s very difficult to teach kids how to save," says Lee.


Marshall is keeping her on her toes. This past spring, he starting making slime, selling it and saving up for an electronic game.


"He loves making things and I don’t know how he got into making slime," says Lee.


So far Marshall has only saved up $22, but he plans to keep saving.


"If someone bought it for you, you don’t feel like it’s yours that much," says Marshall. "But when you buy it yourself, you feel like you earned it because you reached your goal."


Sound financial advice for an 11-year-old and adult too.

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