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August 24, 2012    ●    Volume 01, Issue 34

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Products & Services News

CUNA Mutual Group launches TruStage insurance products and programs

Credit unions have long helped families protect their financial future. This mission inspired the companies of CUNA Mutual Group to create TruStage™ insurance products and programs – a new brand designed especially for credit union members. The TruStage brand brings a relevant, consistent approach across a variety of products and marketing channels, enhancing the member experience.

TruStage insurance products are made available through CUNA Mutual Group's MemberCONNECT® Program, a co-branded marketing solution helping credit unions make insurance coverage available to members. Currently, more than 13 million members are protected by the Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), Life and Auto & Home insurance products and programs that will now bear the TruStage name.

Extensive testing and research with credit unions and members was conducted in developing the brand. Consumer insights revealed that people find insurance confusing and seek an insurance partner that is genuine, straightforward and provides real value. When tested with consumers, the TruStage brand resonated with credit union members and compared favorably to major insurance brands.

A commitment to support credit unions in serving their members underlies the company's decision to bring the TruStage brand to the market. As trusted advisors, credit unions are in a unique position to make a difference in members' lives during challenging times by making the right insurance protection available. The MemberCONNECT Program and TruStage brand represent a valuable opportunity for credit unions to provide an exceptional member experience, deepen member relationships and add non-interest income to their bottom line.

More information about TruStage can be found on the CUNA Mutual Group website. For more information about CUNA Mutual Group, contact MnCUN Vice President – Network Service Corporation John Ferstl by email or at (651) 288-5505.

LSS Financial Counseling offers a fresh approach to money management

Our brains are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Unfortunately, the habits that build long-term financial well-being are often ones that require discipline or short-term sacrifice. Most people will admit that they wish they could save more, but they end up spending as much as they make. To help people master the skills of money management, LSS Financial Counseling has budget and debt counselors available to credit union members. This enhanced level of service is exclusively available to Minnesota credit unions through LSS Financial Counseling's partnership with MnCUN.

The newest trend in financial counseling is to unify saving and spending. Instead of being seen as a sacrifice, saving is made attractive. Saving is not about "not spending” – it is deferred spending. Instead of a fight with willpower, new habits are cultivated toward making goals visible and exciting.

Credit unions have a mission for financial wellness, and members can become stronger savers with the right help. Through a deluxe partnership with LSS Financial Counseling, Minnesota credit unions can access Financial Choice. Financial Choice provides members with up to six sessions per year with a LSS financial counselor who will help them craft an action plan toward their goals, which often involves making saving automatic, developing a more workable budget, and receiving encouragement and follow-up to get there. The hands-on coaching and support leave members feeling more confident. The increased savings rate also strengthens the credit union's bottom line.

To discover how your credit union can benefit from LSS Financial Counseling financial products and services, contact MnCUN Vice President – Network Service Corporation John Ferstl by email or (651) 288-5505.

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