Certification Programs

Certification Programs

The Minnesota Credit Union Network understands the value of education and offers credit union professionals and volunteers a variety of learning opportunities. Offered as self-study courses, these programs allow participants to learn at their own pace. The courses are coordinated by CUNA's Center for Professional Development and offer a simple, affordable way to strengthen individuals' abilities and enhance opportunities for advancement. Three main education programs are available: STAR, MERIT, and VAP. 

Ordering certificate materials

All STAR, VAP and MERIT material and exam orders must be placed with the CUNA Center for Professional Development (CUNA CPD). Grade results and the programs’ certificates and pins (where applicable) will be sent to your credit union from CUNA CPD. You will be billed directly by CUNA CPD for book orders. 

  1. To order STAR, MERIT, VAP certificate program materials, call (800) 356-8010, press 3. 

  2. Contact CUNA CPD by email or call (800) 356-9655, ext. 4072 with questions regarding exams, certificate processing, etc.

  3. All hard copy exams should be mailed to CUNA CPD at the following address:

Credit Union National Association
Attn: National Processing Center
P.O. Box 431
Madison, WI 53701-0431 

As CUNA CPD continues to develop and expand these excellent self-study courses, credit unions will find great value in the content and convenience of these modules. For information on the courses offered through CUNA CPD, please view CUNA's online brochure.

CUNA's Certification Programs


The Staff Training & Recognition (STAR) program provides credit union staff with the knowledge they need to provide excellent service to credit union members. STAR offers training in credit union operations, as well as supplementary programs in accounting, consumer and advanced lending, member services, sales, and technology.



Geared toward upper level staff, the Management Enchrichment Training Program (MERIT), provides management teams the knowledge and ability to confidently and professionally make decisions based on facts, improve communications with staff, and interpret the legal implications of personnel decisions. The MERIT program offers numerous tracks on a variety of topics pertinent to credit union managers. Upon completion of six modules in a track, students receive a certificate.



Part of what makes credit unions unique is that members are involved in the management of the credit union operations. Members of the credit union Board of Directors and other committees must have an advanced understanding of a variety of financial topics. This is a big responsibility for a volunteer, which is why CUNA created theVolunteer Achievement Program (VAP) series of learning modules. This program provides a convenient, practical way for volunteers to become certified in all areas of credit union operations. 


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