Strategic Planning & Consulting Services

Through its business development program, the Minnesota Credit Union Network provides credit unions around the state strategic planning and consulting resources. Through one-on-one assistance, MnCUN assists credit unions in tackling today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.



Board Education & Training

MnCUN's Board Education & Training Services help credit unions increase their board's level and quality of engagement. By increasing awareness of the duties and responsibilities, providing additional knowledge and tools, or providing a refresher on best practices, the Network helps boards become more productive.   More


The Network's Strategic Planning Facilitation Consulting Services help credit unions develop a three- or five-year strategic plan. The facilitator focuses on the credit union's key success factors and uses their industry expertise and market intelligence to help the credit union develop a plan for success that will help promote the organization's future health and growth.   More


MnCUN's Business Planning Consulting Services help credit unions convert their strategic plan into a definitive plan of action. Network staff will assist the credit union in creating an effective plan to increase loan and deposit growth, reduce expenses, expand membership, improve capital or increase compliance. Staff's industry expertise, outside-the-box thinking, and third-party point of view can help clarify the credit union's plan for success.   More



DOR/Audit Report Resolution

The Network's Audit Report Resolution Consulting Services can help credit unions convert an overwhelming list of auditor recommendations into a manageable plan of attack. MnCUN staff is experienced in helping resolve and complete audit findings and recommendations from NCUA and state agencies. Staff will help credit unions respond to regulators' recommendation so that the organization can return its focus to serving members.



MnCUN Consultants can help credit unions tackle a project that they cannot complete on their own or address a problem that they do not have the time to personally handle. The Network's consultant team has extensive credit union management experience and can help credit unions stay on track and complete those "future” projects on their list.


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