Financial Education Grant Application

With questions, please contact the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation.

Please attach a detailed budget that includes financial contributions made by the credit union and other partners. Please indicate whether expenses are estimates or actual costs. Specify what budget items the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation’s grant will cover.
Grant recipients must mention the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation as having provided grant funding in all press releases, news stories, articles, interviews and website references. A suggested credit line includes the following: “_______ Credit Union received funding through a grant from the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation.” Copies of the above materials must be provided to the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation.

Funding must be deployed for the stated grant purpose within one year of receipt, unless recipient receives a written extension from the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation. Grant recipients will be expected to provide periodic progress updates to members of the Foundation Board. Any funds unused in the completion of your project must be returned to the Foundation.

Any significant changes that substantially alter the nature of the project must be approved by the Foundation before grant funds are expended.

Minnesota Credit Union Network
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