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Credit unions' involvement in politics is vital to the growth and success of the movement. For that reason, it is essential that they become actively involved in the legislative process. The Network offers credit unions the opportunity to join a variety of political programs. Become involved today and join the network of credit union individuals dedicated to ensuring that the credit union voice is heard at both the state and nation capitols.


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Grassroots Programs

Much of the strength of Minnesota credit unions' political advocacy efforts lies in our numbers. With more than 100 credit unions and 1.7 million members, we have a grassroots network that legislators notice. The Network's grassroots programs ensure that elected officials hear credit union opinions and perspectives on legislative issues.

  • GrassRoots Education & Action Team (GREAT): GREAT provides the opportunity to help preserve, protect and promote Minnesota credit unions. By participating in GREAT, your employees and members can effectively build support, reduce obstacles, communicate shared goals with elected officials. Membership and involvement is free and easy.
  • Grassroots Coordinator ProgramThe Grassroots Coordinator Program was started in 2013 to identify credit union employees that would help increase political awareness of other credit union staff and help boost the rate of response to legislative action alerts.
  • Project Zip Code: This program collects information about the number of credit union members living in each congressional district, making it an effective advocacy tool. 


Advocacy Programs

The foundation of credit unions' advocacy efforts is the relationships they build with elected officials. Throughout the year, the Network provides credit union professionals various opportunities to meet with their representatives and educate them about the credit union difference.

  • Credit Union Day at the Capitol: This annual event serves as the unofficial kick-off of credit unions' involvement in the Minnesota Legislative Session. 
  • Governmental Affairs Conference: Hosted by CUNA, this conference provides attendees the opportunity to learn about national political and credit union issues and meet with representatives in Washington, D.C. 
  • Hike the Hill: On this three-day event, credit union professional travel to Washington, D.C., to meet with the members of Minnesota's Congressional Delegation. 


Contribution Programs

The Credit Union Political Action Committee (CUPAC) and the Credit Union Legislative Action Committee (CULAC) raise funds to support credit union-friendly candidates at the state and federal levels, respectively. More information on political fundraising.

  • Payroll Deduction: By contributing a small amount from each paycheck, credit union employees can effortlessly donate to funds that support credit union friendly candidates. 
  • APR Contribution Program: Credit union professionals and volunteers can sign up for the CUPAC Automatic Political Recurring (APR) contribution program which provides for recurring contributions with the convenience of credit and debit cards.


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With legislative questions, contact MnCUN Vice President - Governmental Affairs and Association Services Mara Humphrey by email or by phone at (651) 288-5532 or Director of Advocacy Ryan Smith by email or by phone at (651) 288-5533.

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