MnCUN Marketing Awards Program
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In 2017, the Minnesota Credit Union Network introduced a statewide marketing awards program to acknowledge the outstanding programs credit unions have created to grow brand awareness and market to members and nonmembers alike.


There is no cost to submit entries for Minnesota Credit Union Network-affiliated credit unions and 2018 applications will be open Thursday, October 13 through 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.


Last year, the marketing awards received 34 applications. Following evaluation by three independent judges, 13 credit unions were honored with awards. Following feedback from 2017 award applicants, the 2018 program includes additional entry categories and a more comprehensive breakout of asset categories.


Winners will be announced at an awards banquet to be held the first week of December. Winning submissions will be included in a presentation during the banquet and credit unions will be invited to share their work during an interactive panel discussion on credit union marketing best practices during the Minnesota Credit Union Network Annual Meeting being held April 25 through 26 at the Radisson Blue Mall of America in Bloomington.





Applications will be evaluated by judges based on the following criteria. Each section is weighted equally with a maximum of 20 points.


Strategy and Results: What was the strategy and objective(s) behind the entry? Did the entry produce the expected results, given the credit union’s position in the marketplace and competitive factors?


Creativity: How did the creative concept position its offer to its target audience? Is the overall concept consistent with the stated strategy and objectives? Does the design and creativity enhance the idea and message to connect and communicate clearly?


Design and Production: How effective are the entry's design elements (typography, art, color, white space, quality of printing); or in the case of electronic, the entry's use of talent, visuals and sound and reproduction


Quality: Does the design and creativity enhance the idea and make it better? Is attention paid to the “fit and finish” of the final product? Is the quality of the printing, lighting, recording and reproduction polished?


Copy and Communication: Is the writing effective in helping sell the idea and producing the results? Are products clearly stated or obscured?



How many applications may my credit union submit?

Credit unions may submit 1 entry into each of the 6 submission categories.


What time period should my submission be from?

Material included in applications should be from campaigns active in the last 12 months.


My submission includes audio or video, how should I include this asset?

Audio or video files should be uploaded to a web host, Vimeo or YouTube for example, and a link to the resource should be included in the application. If the asset is private, please include a password.


I submitted an asset to one category; do I need to submit it again for a different category?

Yes. Judges will look at each application separately and will not cross reference materials submitted to separate applications.


I missed the deadline; can I submit my application late?

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. No late applications will be accepted.


When will winners be notified?

Winners and non-winners will be notified following the Minnesota Credit Union Marketing Awards Banquet in the first half of December. Winners will be provided with a sample press release. The Minnesota Credit Union Network will share winners through press release to trade and local media, on our website, and through The Pulse newsletter.


Who should I contact with additional questions?

Contact Minnesota Credit Union Network Director of Communications Laura Whittet by email at or by phone at 651-288-5503.





Branding - Branding includes the identity of the credit union and the resources created to express that image. Examples may include a combination of tag lines, logos, promotional items, advertisements, or any visual or audio representation of the organization’s brand identity.


Community Impact and Outreach - Advertising and awareness campaigns around community impact and outreach. This may include raising funds for charity, educational activities, or community involvement projects, such as a volunteer fair, building low-income housing, or loaning employees a few hours a week to work in hospitals, retirement homes, schools, etc.


Digital Advertising - Social media campaigns, electronic billboard, web-based marketing, viral marketing, audio advertising, email marketing, mobile advertising, or online interactive are examples for this category.


Video - Entry may be one of several video options produced by or for the credit union: venue to highlight staff or member stories, how to instructional content, financial education, brand awareness.  Videos should be uploaded to a host site (YouTube or Vimeo for example) and a link to the video should be included in the application.


Complete Campaign - Types of media include the following, but are not limited to direct mail, point-of-sale, print ads, digital marketing, broadcast, and newsletters. Judges will consider the number of media used in each campaign. If submitting radio, television, or audio-visuals, upload a copy of each script. Videos should be uploaded to a host site (YouTube or Vimeo for example) and a link to the video should be included in the application.


Printed Material - May include print ads, annual reports, mailings, etc.



More than $1 billion

$500 million to $1 billion

$250 million to $500 million

$100 million to $250 million

Less than $100 million




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