Oak Tree Business System Inc.

For 35+ years, Oak Tree has provided forms, lending documents, and disclosures exclusively for credit unions in all aspects of operation:

  • Membership
  • Consumer Loans
  • Home Equity Lending
  • Business Membership
  • Member Business Lending

Oak Tree also provides:

  • Data Linking Services
  • Forms Training
  • Compliance Support
  • Legal Opinion Letters
  • Compliance Warranty
  • Marketing Services
  • Spanish Forms

Oak Tree works with you to create forms that integrate seamlessly with your data/loan processing system for a streamlined performance and a smooth work flow. Their documents are easy to use, are specifically designed to match your policies and procedures, and comply with both state and federal regulations.

Richard Gallagher

Minnesota Credit Union Network
555 Wabasha Street N, Suite 200
St. Paul, MN 55102

(651) 288-5170
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