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Output (12-31-10)


December 31, 2010 Volume 33, Issue 25                                                                 Archived Issues   

Project Zip Code 11.0 launched

This month CUNA debuted its newest version of Project Zip Code (PZC), which is now available in an online, downloadable format. Replacing the old CD-ROM version, the new PZC enables credit unions to more efficiently run this political tool at their credit union. All credit unions should regularly run this program to help ensure that elected officials are aware of the number of credit union members in their district.
To assist credit unions with using the new PZC format, MnCUN is hosting a Project Zip Code 11.0 webinar from 10 a.m.-11 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 12. During this free session, attendees will receive an overview of the features of the newest version of PZC and gain insight into the purpose of this political tool. Learn how the new format works, investigate the benefits of running PZC, and discover how members’ private data is kept secure during the process. While the session is free, webinar registrations must be submitted by Monday, Jan. 10.
Credit unions may also run the new version of PZC on their own by visiting the Project Zip Code page of the Network web site. This page contains a link to the downloadable version of the program, along with access to marketing materials and PZC frequently-asked questions.
Run PZC today and be part of the network of credit unions participating in this important advocacy program. For more information about this advocacy tool and to register for the upcoming webinar, visit the Project Zip Code page of the Network web site. With questions about PZC, contact MnCUN Political Advocacy Director Monica Weber by e-mail or at (651) 288-5533.

Register today to take advantage of education discounts

Do you tend to be an early bird? If so, you can benefit from the Minnesota Credit Union Network’s registration discounts. Below are two conferences with early bird registration discounts valid through next week.
  • Western States Volunteers’ Conference – Jan. 30-Feb. 1, Las Vegas
    The $50 early bird discount for the Western States Volunteers’ Conference ends today. Hosted by 17 states, this conference provides volunteers tools and information to guide their credit unions toward achieving their goals. Attendees will receive insight and knowledge to help them develop a strategic direction for the credit union and will have the opportunity to network with volunteers from across the country. In addition, CUNA Volunteer Certification Program credits will be offered at the conference, allowing participants to earn credit toward their certification.
  • Lending Conference – Jan. 27-28, St. Paul
    Be sure to register for the Lending Conference by Thursday, Jan. 6, to take advantage of the $30 early bird discount. MnCUN’s Lending Conference will feature a 20-year veteran providing tools and insight to help credit union professionals bring their lending practices to the next level. Geared toward more experienced loan officers, loan managers and CEOs, this two-day training program is designed to help credit unions make better loan decisions, increase revenue and profitability, and improve membership growth and retention.
Be sure to register early for both of these conferences to take advantage of these money-saving deals. With questions about either conference, contact MnCUN Director of Education Sue Groskreutz by e-mail or at (651) 288-5521.

Save the Dates: 2011 offers political events not to be missed

This past year has been a whirlwind of political activity as the state and nation elected new politicians. In 2011, credit unions’ grassroots involvement will remind new and returning elected officials of the work that the movement does on behalf of those they serve. To help credit union professionals and volunteers stay politically active next year, MnCUN is offering a variety of political involvement opportunities at the local and national level.
  • Credit Union Day at the Capitol – Feb. 3
    MnCUN’s Credit Union Day at the Capitol provides professionals and volunteers the opportunity to learn about state legislative issues and meet with their local elected officials. During the event, credit union supporters will bring the movement’s message to the State Capitol and remind legislators that Minnesota credit unions are local and trusted by consumers.
  • Governmental Affairs Conference – Feb. 27-March 3  
    Held in Washington, D.C., CUNA’s annual Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) focuses on sharing the movement’s story and educating federal elected officials about credit unions. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from notable legislative and political speakers, network with colleagues across the country, and meet with members of Congress.
  • Minnesota Hike the Hill – Sept. 20-22
    Once again next year MnCUN will be holding its annual Minnesota Hike the Hill. This event is a nationwide program coordinated by state leagues and CUNA to bring credit union professionals and volunteers to Washington, D.C., to meet with their state’s Congressional Delegation. During this three-day event, attendees will receive a legislative update and meet with elected officials and members of the NCUA.
Be sure to save these dates in 2011 and take advantage of the opportunities to demonstrate credit unions’ grassroots strength. More information about MnCUN’s advocacy events is available in the Political Programs section of the Network web site.

MnCUN offers reduced-price education bundling packages

To enhance the education sessions available to credit union professionals, the Network has added two webinar series to its 2011 lineup. These session bundles include eight to ten webinars that provide training on the complex topics of lending and compliance. As an added benefit, the sessions are offered at a reduced price when your credit union registers for the entire series in advance. 
The first bundle package offers up-to-date training and education on consumer lending. Receive insight into trust documents, learn how to use credit scores, explore lending regulatory issues and more. The second bundle package will focus on compliance training. Participants will learn about red flags, fair lending issues, robbery prevention and more. In addition, this series will provide participants training logs, letters of training certification, and learning measurement tools.
Below are the dates and sessions titles for the webinars in both series. All sessions are held from 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m.
Bundle #1: Consumer Lending 
    March 23: Trust Documents in Lending
    May 4: Credit Scores for Lenders
    July 27: Avoiding Lender Liability Pitfalls 
    Aug. 17: Consumer Lending Regulatory Issues
    Sept. 8: Global Cash Flow and Tax Returns
    Nov. 30, 2011: Legal Issues in Collections
Bundle #2: Compliance Training
    Jan. 26: Identity Theft Red Flags
    Feb. 16: BSA Training for Frontline Staff
    April 20: Reg. CC & Funds Availability 
    June 8: Operations BSA Training 
    Aug. 24: Bank Bribery Act & Regulation P
    Sept. 28: Fair Lending Issues
    Oct. 13: BSA Training for Lenders 
    Nov. 10: Robbery Prevention                             
When purchased together, the above webinars are $180 per session, which is a $20 discount from the standard registration price and saves you a minimum of $120. To register for either session series, click the links in the table above. With questions about the bundling packages, contact MnCUN Director of Education Sue Groskreutz by e-mail or at (651) 288-5521.

FIC & MnCU4Kids seek volunteers

Are you seeking more ways to get involved in the credit union movement? Do you have a passion for financial literacy or for raising money for noteworthy causes? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then you are invited to apply to become a member of the Family Involvement Council (FIC) or the Minnesota Credit Unions for Kids (MnCU4Kids) committee. As committees of the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation, these groups are committed to helping credit unions fulfill the people helping people philosophy.
The FIC is a committee that works to enhance the future of the credit union movement by supporting Minnesota credit unions' efforts to provide financial education. The group conducts an annual scholarship program and facilitates programs to help credit unions create kids, teens and seniors clubs for their members.
The MnCU4Kids committee engages in fundraising activities to benefit Gillette Children’s Specialty hospital. Through the Annual Meeting fundraiser, golf tournament, Bowl-O-Rama, and a variety of other activities, the group raises money to assist Gillette in its mission to help kids with disabilities and chronic conditions.
Both committees are currently seeking new committee members. If you are interested in applying, contact FIC Chair LeAnn Achtenberg or MnCU4Kids co-chair Katie Grindeland and Jeff Schwalen. For more information about either committee, visit the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation web site.  

CUNA committee releases Business Services white paper

CUNA’s Community Credit Union Committee recently released the third in a series of four whitepapers titled CU Business Services: Making it Real and Keeping it Safe. This publication offers insight on how credit unions with clear business services strategies have the ability to "rescue” many small businesses and take them into the future.
The CU Business Services white paper serves as a useful guide for credit unions’ efforts to pursue opportunities in business services with renewed energy and discipline. It outlines current opportunities, how to market to small businesses, risk management and more. This publication builds upon other whitepapers written by the committee which focus on credit union efficiency and community and market development.
The CUNA Community Credit Union Committee was formed in 2006 to provide support for the growing group of community credit unions. It works to represent community credit unions’ unique legal, legislative and regulatory needs and to provide education, resources and information. To download a free copy of CU Business Services: Making it Real and Keeping it Safe, visit the Credit Union National Association web site.

Examine your credit union from the outside

Are you looking to increase your credit union’s profitability and service? If so, you are invited to take advantage of the research information, analysis and recommendations offered by Informa Research Services, which is a CUNA Strategic Services partner.
Informa Research Services is the premier provider of competitive intelligence and mystery shopping services to the financial services industry. They conduct daily surveys of retail, lending and business products offered by more than 10,000 financial organizations. By gathering this accurate and timely competitive information, Informa can help your credit union efficiently and intelligently make the right pricing decisions to meet business objectives.
Informa also offers mystery shopping services that help increase deposits, new account growth, cross-sales, and depth of accounts by motivating and recognizing superior and consistent employee performance. The mystery shopper programs address sales and service, compliance, fair treatment, member satisfaction, retention and competitive performance issues.
Check out Informa Research Services and discover how they can help your credit union reach its maximum potential. To learn more about this company and other CUNA Strategic Service partners, contact MnCUN Director of Business Development Vickie Ganrude by e-mail or at (651) 288-5515.

Calendar of Events

The Minnesota Credit Union Network offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for credit union professionals and volunteers. Check out the roundtables, telecourses, and webcasts available. Professionals and volunteers are also invited to attend MnCUN's Lending Conference and Credit Union Day at the Capitol. To register for this and other events, visit the online Event Calendar.
  • Jan. 5 (10 a.m.): Telecourse – Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
  • Jan. 5 (2 p.m.): Webinar – Form 1099
  • Jan. 6 (10 a.m.): TeleCourse – Remarkable Sales & Service
  • Jan. 6 (1 p.m.): NCUA Webinar – Trouble Debt Restructuring
  • Jan. 6 (2 p.m.): Webinar – Business Continuity Planning
  • Jan. 10 (10 a.m.): TeleCouse – Producing 2% ROI
  • Jan. 11 (2 p.m.): Webinar – Fundamentals of SBA Lending
  • Jan. 11 (5 p.m.): Archer Doig & River Cities Chapter Meeting
  • Jan. 12 (10 a.m.): Webinar – Project Zip Code 11.0
  • Jan. 12 (12 p.m.): MnCU4Kids Committee Meeting
  • Jan. 12 (2 p.m.): Webinar – IRA & HSA Annual Review
  • Jan. 13 (10 a.m.): TeleCourse – Growth & SEG Penetration Strategies
  • Jan. 18 (9 a.m.): Family Involvement Council Meeting
  • Jan. 18 (2 p.m.): Webinar – New FinCEN Chapter X BSA Rules
  • Jan. 19 (2 p.m.): Webinar – 12 Rules for Effective Social Media Policy
  • Jan. 20 (10 a.m.): TeleCouse – Developing a Social Media Policy
  • Jan. 20 (10:30 a.m.): Roundtable – Compliance/Fraud
  • Jan. 20 (1 p.m.): Political Involvement Committee Meeting  


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