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Dec. 18, 2013 ● Volume 02, Issue 50

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Trust in CUNA Mutual Group fuels credit union movement in Minnesota and around the country

Trust and performance are two of the most important factors when choosing who you do business with. When you trust your business with an outside company, that trust can’t be taken for granted.

For 75 years, CUNA Mutual Group has provided credit unions with trusted products and services. But, CUNA Mutual Group is much more than just a credit union system partner. Last year alone, Minnesota credit unions received $13.7 million in benefit.

Minnesota credit unions have greatly benefitted from CUNA Mutual’s presence in the state. In 2013, CUNA Mutual paid $4.5 million in claims to credit unions and members in Minnesota. CMG’s response to claims helps them stand out among their competitors. This is a big reason that MnCUN and the Network Service Corporationworks closely with CUNA Mutual and is proud to partner with them. CUNA Mutual’s reimbursement program is also very robust with more than $9.1 million sent back to Minnesota credit unions.

CUNA Mutual works closely with state leagues around the country and is a major supporter of the national credit union movement.

  • When the Credit Union National Association rolled out its Unite for Good campaign in February, CUNA Mutual provided research statistics.
  • When action alerts are initiated, CUNA Mutual management and staff respond with emails and phone calls to lawmakers.
  • CUNA Mutual is also a part of the credit union system’s grassroots lobbying efforts, personally taking part in legislative visits.
  • CUNA Mutual has a reimbursement program for state leagues and last year returned $35 million across the country, including $625,000 to the Network Service Corporation. This money is used by MnCUN to enhance the products and services we provide.

When the Network Service Corporation looks for a strategic partner, a few criteria need to be present: reduce risk, decrease expenses, and improve operational efficiencies. CUNA Mutual meets all of those criteria. By doing business with CUNA Mutual, credit unions can help sustain the Network and the credit union movement overall.

Credit unions across the country benefit every day by the products and services provided by CUNA Mutual and the Network Service Corporation. Trust and performance are important, and when you can show a proven track record of success, it makes your choice easy. For additional information, the CUNA Mutual page of the Network website or contact MnCUN’s Vice President – Network Service Corporation John Ferstl by email or phone at (651) 288-5505.



2014 V.I.P. enrollment open for credit union vendors

The Minnesota Credit Union Network created its Vendor Involvement Program(V.I.P.) in 2005 for like-minded vendors to optimize business relationships with Minnesota credit unions. V.I.P. provides committed service organizations with an opportunity to work with MnCUN and increase visibility among Minnesota credit unions.

V.I.P. enrollment for 2014 (Jan. 1-Dec. 31) is now open for both new and repeat participants. Interested vendors are able to apply for the V.I.P. by using the following links.

New participants: V.I.P. Application

Repeat participants: V.I.P. Renewal

For program details or to request more information, interested vendors may contact MnCUN Vice President –Network Service Corporation John Ferstl at 651-288-5505 or MnCUN Director of Business Development Vickie Ganrude at 651-288-5515.


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