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MnCUN Provides Engagement Opportunities Through Committees

Are you looking for a professional development opportunity, or a way to get more involved in with the Network? Network Committees will be appointed after the MnCUN Annual Meeting and we are looking for interested members. There are several opportunities to get involved by serving on one of the following Board Committees:


Awards Committee - facilitates statewide and national awards programs and judges other states’ award program entries. On the national level, the committee coordinates Minnesota’s entries for CUNA’s Dora Maxwell and Louise Herring Awards and the Desjardins Award for Financial Education. On the state level, the committee recognizes individuals through the Professional and Volunteer of the Year Awards. Network Staff Liaison: Laura Whittet


Political Involvement Committee (PIC) - provides input and recommendations on legislative efforts at the state and federal level. Policy suggestions and regulatory roadblocks are brought to the attention of PIC to collectively formulate the Network’s positions on legislation. PIC is also responsible for political fundraising, and oversees the distribution of political contributions made to credit union-friendly candidates. Network Staff Liaison: Ryan Smith


Regulatory Review Committee - provides input and recommendations on proposed rules from various federal agencies that have the potential to impact credit unions. The committee meets regularly to review proposed rules that are out for comment and determines whether a response is necessary. Network Staff Liaison: Tim Tacheny


Committee members serve for one year – from their appointment through the following year’s Annual Meeting. Please express your interest by completing a short application form. Applications will be accepted through March 16, 2018. The Network Board Chair will appoint Committee members following the Annual Meeting in April.






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Argos Risk Newest Network Service Corporation Strategic Partner

Argos Risk, a leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI) services for managing and monitoring the financial viability and overall health of third-party relationships, is partnering with the Network Service Corporation (NSC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Minnesota Credit Union Network (MnCUN). Through the NSC, MnCUN will now provide a vendor risk and business health assessment solution to the state’s 113 credit unions by offering Argos Risk’s AR Surveillance solution.


“The Network Service Corporation seeks to develop relationships with service providers that will help the state’s credit unions meet the ever-evolving financial needs of their members,” said Network Service Corporation Chief Operations Officer John Ferstl. “We are proud to add Argos Risk Services as a strategic partner dedicated to providing effective business management tools to financial institutions.”


Argos Risk’s AR Surveillance solution leverages more than 10,000 data points to assign risk scores to an organization’s business partners. It automatically generates and sends proactive alerts about significant updates from those partners’ operations, such as key executive changes, lawsuits, liens, mergers, acquisitions and any other material news and events. The service reduces the time and manual processes typically required for proper vendor due diligence and management.


“We understand our affiliate partners play an instrumental role and together we work as one to ensure our customers achieve outstanding service” said Lori Frank, President and Chief Executive Officer of Argos Risk. “AR Surveillance helps strengthen compliance and mitigate risk as auditors continue to ask questions about how credit unions manage their third-party relationships.”  Frank continued, “by leveraging our automated solution, MnCUN will be able to augment their services by efficiently and time-effectively monitoring the health of their key vendor relationships.”


For additional information about Argo Risk, visit To see a full listing of NSC Strategic Partners, visit the Solutions Directory online.

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