The Pulse (06-06-2017)

Volume 6, Issue 23

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AXFI Conference: Four Reasons to Attend

The Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference is the premier educational event for credit union and community bank professionals serious about analytics and financial innovation. This annual event brings together hundreds of professionals, industry experts and leading researchers in the field of analytics and financial innovation. The 2017 AXFI Conference will be held Sunday, June 11, through Wednesday, June 14, at the Hyatt Regency Bloomington-Minneapolis.


The following video highlights four reasons you won't want to miss the upcoming AXFI Conference:



A complete list of AXFI’s 2017 sessions is available online.


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2017 Legislative Recap




Federal Reserve Amends Regulation CC

Interagency Advisory Issued on Availability of Appraisers

NCUA Proposed Rule Regarding FCU Merger Communications

NCUA Proposed Rule Regarding Due Process in Supervisory Appeals

NCUA Proposed Rule Regarding Appeals Process


CFPB Requests Comment on Assessment of ATR/QM Rule

Federal Reserve Proposed Amendments to Regulation CC


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How to Think Like a Social Media Marketer

Article by DAYTA Marketing


It’s not enough to be on social media. To be successful, you need to think like a social media marketer.


Think Socially

Jay Baer, a thought leader in digital marketing says it well: “Companies should focus more on how to BE social, and less on how to DO social media.” Social media is more than a medium - it’s a shift in the way we communicate. For companies to succeed in social media marketing, their approach must be different than traditional marketing.


Blend the Old with the New

Robert Rose of the Digital Clarity Group once said, “Traditional marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world that you are one.” The real power of marketing is in integrated efforts; blending traditional and digital. Social media is not a means to do traditional marketing for free nor should it replace traditional marketing efforts. They should work hand in hand to tell your story to your audience.


Realize the Social Landscape is Ever-Changing

If you Google Social Media statistics, you’ll have a month’s worth of reading to do. By the time you’re done, everything you’ve just read will be outdated. The important element of social media marketing is to constantly scan the landscape, analyze for trends, engage with forward-thinking thought leaders in the industry and adjust when necessary.


Use Social as a Customer Service Tool

Through social, you have the ability to not only reach the masses but also speak directly to individuals. A social media marketer looks at social media as a way to enhance customer service and engage with your audiences - en masse or individually. By using social as a customer service tool, you can show your members that you do care, you do listen, and you do want to serve them. That’s thinking like a social media marketer.


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