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Volume 6, Issue 48

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Looking Back: 2017 Special Fund Initiatives

Engage and make an impact by supporting Minnesota Credit Union special funds & initiatives – Advocacy, the Foundation, and Awareness.


Advocacy Fund

This fund provides resources to strongly position credit unions on the legislative and political fronts. The Advocacy Fund is proactive in nature, helping to create a strong credit union environment and augment MnCUN’s advocacy efforts. As a restricted fund, expenditures are governed by a committee of credit unions and MnCUN staff.


In 2017, Advocacy Fund dollars supported:


  • MnCUN’s public affairs strategy, with the goal of advocating, educating, and positioning credit unions as the best financial partner for Minnesota consumers
  • Grassroots Coordinator program development
  • Support of and participation in the National Conference of State Legislators
  • Grassroots and PAC fundraising collateral
  • Minnesota support of Credit Union House in Washington D.C.
  • Minnesota support of the National Advocacy Fund, coordinated by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), which financed grassroots advocacy, electoral polling, research, and partisan communications

Minnesota Credit Union Foundation

Focused on financial education and professional development initiatives, the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation is dedicated to providing the resources for credit unions and communities to prosper and thrive. Each year the Foundation commits to fund financial education grants and professional development opportunities for credit union staff and volunteers.


The following highlights the Foundation’s efforts in 2017:


  • Awarded $12,500 in financial education grants to 6 credit unions
  • Partnered with Girl Scouts of River Valley to provide Mad City Money Simulation
  • Launched Financial Education App MnCU Jr.
  •  Inaugural Governmental Affairs Conference scholarship program is providing funding to three credit union CEOs to attend in 2018
  • Honored five Credit Union Builders
  • Minnesota Credit Unions for Kids hosted three major fundraisers: raising over $113,000 for Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare
  • Foundation Scholarship Council awarded $10,000 in scholarships to 16 Minnesota credit union members, and raised $20,000 for future scholarship awards

Awareness Fund

The Credit Union Awareness Fund was established to focus on increasing consumers’ awareness of credit unions through public affairs initiatives, expanding media coverage, and coordinating other visibility opportunities. Expenditures from this fund promote the benefits and value of credit unions, helping to spread the word that credit unions are the best financial choice for consumers. As a restricted fund, expenditures are governed in accordance to the Board’s strategic plan, by a newly formed Awareness Fund Committee of credit unions and MnCUN staff.


In 2017, Awareness Fund dollars supported:

  • Conducted consumer research study
  •  Launched consumer awareness campaign that garnered over 20 million ad impressions and over 23,000 visits to the new microsite
  • Shared 350 stories on the Minn. Credit Union News Channel
  • Influenced over 575 earned media mentions
  • Coordinated CU Forward Day with 37 credit unions & partners dedicating 12,224 volunteer hours

Contributions to the Advocacy Fund, Awareness Fund, and the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation can be made with your dues payments. Membership packets, which were mailed last week, contain a suggested contribution amount as a guide. However, contributions of all sizes are greatly appreciated.


We thank you for your continued support of the credit union movement, and hope you consider these important initiatives. 





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Find The Right Partner For Your Business Needs With the MnCUN Solutions Directory

The Network Service Corporation (NSC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Minnesota Credit Union Network, works to develop relationships with vendors in order to help Minnesota’s credit unions meet the financial needs of their members.

The MnCUN Solutions Directory makes it easy to find trusted vendors organized by the service provided, helping credit unions find the right partner for their needs.

“Choosing the right vendor takes time and resources,” said Network Service Corporation Vice President John Ferstl. “The Network Service Corporation provides due diligence on product and vendor partners. By negotiating on behalf of credit unions, the NSC is able to ensure access to a variety of products and services at an unbeatable price.”

With questions about the Solutions Directory, or to learn more about a specific company listed, contact MnCUN Director of Business Development Kris Jacobsen by email or by phone at (651) 288-5515 or toll free at (800) 477-1034.

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