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Member Testimonials 


DAVID BODEN, PRESIDENT/CEO  >>  Hiway Federal Credit Union

The Minnesota Credit Union Network provides an invaluable service to all Minnesota credit unions by leading and coordinating political and regulatory advocacy efforts. In this era of over-reaching rules and regulations, the Network staff members do an outstanding job of identifying and research all current and emerging issues, working with state and federal agencies and elected officials, informing credit union representatives, and coordinating needed lobbying activities with all appropriate parties.


MnCUN also functions as a primary public relations agent for Minnesota’s credit unions, working to distribute news and information across the state to enhance credit union awareness, foster membership growth, and build overall credit union market share in a highly-competitive financial environment. In addition, the Network serves as the central coordinator of numerous credit union activities and events, and operates as a central organizing body for education, collaboration, and networking among all credit unions.


In a nutshell, the Network is really the heart of the credit union movement in Minnesota, with a fantastic staff of dedicated professionals working for all of us. (Testimonial: 2014)



MnCUN provides so many services to small and large credit unions with such professionalism. They are so valuable on keeping us updated on compliance, regulatory advocacy and what’s happening on the state and federal levels. I appreciate their hard work and helping our credit union succeed in an ever changing environment. (Testimonial: 2014)

>>  Financial One Credit Union

I’m continually amazed by the breadth of services and value that the Minnesota Credit Union Network offers its members. We have benefited greatly from both your in house services, like your strategic planning and legal services, and from the many industry related partnerships you have formed, such as your partnership with DAYTA Marketing. Thanks for helping Financial One Credit Union succeed and remain relevant in this highly competitive industry. (Testimonial: 2014)


BILL RAKER, PRESIDENT/CEO  >>  US Federal Credit Union

Among the many valuable services provided by the Network, one of the most critical is that of legislative and regulatory advocacy on behalf of all credit unions. The Network keeps us up-to-date on the relevant issues and provides a strong and unified voice for us that none of us could ever accomplish on our own. (Testimonial: 2013)


JIM CARRIER, PRESIDENT  >>  Employees First Credit Union


With today’s economy being so unpredictable, it is reassuring to have the support of MnCUN working on behalf Minnesota’s credit unions and acting as a political advocate for us. We truly benefit from being a member of a network of credit unions to partner and share ideas in order to help our credit union remain strong and achieve success. (Testimonial: 2013)



KELLY MCDONOUGH, PRESIDENT/CEO  >>  First Alliance Credit Union


Why do I belong to the Minnesota Credit Union Network?

  • I belong to the Network because it facilitates my ability to network with other credit union professionals in the state through various network events and functions. This networking creates an invaluable support structure for me as President/CEO. Through their newsletters and emails they also keep me informed about what is happening at other credit unions.
  • I belong to the Network because they help my credit union stay abreast of pending compliance issues. They are always available to answer our questions as we are implementing new rules and regulations. They are subject matter experts.
  • I belong to the Network because they keep me abreast of legislative issues at both the state and federal level. They have established working relationships with our elected officials so that they are in a position to influence elected officials about issues pertaining to credit unions.

           (Testimonial: 2013)  





MnCUN’s most important role is providing legislative leadership and guidance at both the state and federal levels. The Network monitors legislative activity and spearheads efforts to ensure credit union-friendly concerns are part of the discussion. Collaborating efforts from all credit unions to speak as one is critical, and the Network does an outstanding job in giving us the resources we need to ensure our message is heard.


MnCUN also provides a forum for sharing information with others, and opportunities to network and strengthen our industry connections. From awareness to education, compliance and more, MnCUN works hard to ensure credit unions remain a viable alternative for consumers. (Testimonial: 2012)



SCOTT LUNDGREN, PRESIDENT/CEO  >>  Hermantown Federal Credit Union


In my 27 years in the credit union industry, I have always found the Minnesota Credit Union Network's services to be of great value. Our credit union values the legislative efforts they perform on our behalf, and the fact that they keep us informed of potential regulatory issues and other issues that may affect the long-term viability of credit unions as an industry. (Testimonial: 2012)



TERRI MALONEY, PRESIDENT  >>  Catholic United Financial Credit Union

The networking opportunities and educational sessions offered by the Minnesota Credit Union Network are very valuable. Information is provided in a cost-effective manner for smaller credit unions, and MnCUN utilizes today's technology to allow for virtual training options. I also appreciate the compliance staff who help us stay up-to-date with the changing regulations and laws. Their knowledge and guidance alone are worth the cost of our dues. (Testimonial: 2012)

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